Sunday, June 03, 2007

Visual echoes of my deceased father

I knew this day was coming. In fact, I am surprised that it took this long.

Tonight, at church of all places, I saw a man who looked remarkably like my father. Sure, he was trimmed down a bit and didn't have the scars from the burns my father endured from a car wreck a decade ago, but his facial structure, his hair, the way he sat, the demeanor. Had my father ever sat on a couch and my church and sang along to a song, he would have done it like this guy.

Since I had to teach the elementary school kids, I had leave the gathering to teach and my mind was into my lesson.

I did not have a sad emotional experience or anything, but I felt like it was more of a treat - like a little surprise to make me know I am being thought of.

I have got to meet this guy next at some point. I've never seen him before so he might have been a visitor, but since he knew the words to a song or two, he was probably a regular I have simply never seen before.

I don't now anything about this man, but I am grateful for the little reminder of my father.

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