Thursday, December 25, 2008

"story Factory" - A Tribute to Sierra

Story Factory

They come from far,
They come from wide,
They come to hear a story
From the other side;

A million stories deep,
Way down under,
The Story Factory
Is a place of wonder;

Everyday it’s new;
Everyday it’s true;
Every time a story starts
Their ears are stuck like glue;

A tale of Hope,
A tale Divine,
A tale they’ve been longing for
Every single time;

Stories are for fun,
Stories are a game,
But listen to these stories
And you’ll never be the same;

We live a life of stories,
Yes, you know it’s true,
I’m a Story Factory
And so are you.

"Technomaniac" - A Tribute to Canaan


MP3, Iphone,
Didj, and Wii
He was a technomaniac
Before the age of three;

Upload, download,
Barcodes, I bet,
If you cannot find him,
He’s on the internet;

Webkinz, Penguins,
Freewebs, and more;
Gook Squad aspirations
Or the Apple Store?

STEM school, middle school,
High school, and beyond,
A college of technology
Is right where he belongs;

No matter where he goes,
Technology’s the game;
No matter what you call him,
Technomaniac is his name.

Winter Blankets

Winter Blankets

“Merciful snow,”
A call through the window
“Come, cover the dead;”
Autumn’s wake
Ushered the Dulled, Emptied, And Depressed
Into my soul.

“Come, redeem Brown and Gray;
Heal lifeless ground;
Protect my eyes;
Show beauty, purity, and hope
Into my soul,
And let it be their home;
Warm me with belief
That death is not a conclusion.”


“Merciful fleece,”
A call from the couch
“Come cover the cold one,”
Winter’s draft
Ushered the Chill Of Lonely Days
Into my bones.

“Come warm my skin and bones;
Soothe my goosebumps;
Protect my skin and bones;
Show warmth, coziness, and cuddling
Into my embrace,
And let it be their home;
Warm me with belief
That winter is not a conclusion.”
Do you have the will
to fly?
Do you have the will
to cry out?
Do you have the will
to shout
“fear has no right to be here”?

Do you have the will
to fly?
Do you have the will
to cry out
“fear isn’t going to scare me”?

Do you have the will
to fly
to the rest of the universe?

Do you have the will?

-Sierra, 24 Dec 08

Gonzalez Family Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all. May the peace of the season be with you. We have been incredibly blessed to have a very good Christmas.

Christmas Eve at my sister Amy's house was a blast. Great food, fund games, fund gifts, and great people. We have been blending a family since (before) my mother remarried. We are feeling normaler (if there is such a thing) than ever before. I really love my whole family. They are good and very fun people who make me laugh. I am lucky to have them.

Christmas morning was at our home. Big Breakfast is a tradition. Kids opening presents. The big hit, Nintendo Wii Fit. Pajamas all day, hot tea, phone calls to family members far away, and looking at the bright sun glistening off the pure white snow. Nothing better. This life is a very good life.

We are grateful to God for a good life. Here are some pics:

Sierra is 10 years old, smart, and rarely smiles for the camera. This on is a treat.

Canaan is 8 years old and makes crazy faces in the front of a camera. This pic was taken in the middle of gift giving.

By the glow of a Nintendo DS.

"Mom, did you know that Nintendo DS's are awesome?"

Canaan on Wii Fit.

Canaan still on the Wii Fit.

Dad jumps 127 meters on Wii Fit ski jumping.

Sierra rocks the house on ski jumping.

And even mom is getting into the act.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sierra in Manga Christmas

Sierra does not like stage make-up

Sierra does not like to get her picture taken when she is wearing stage make-up.

Gabrielle (with disco hair) visits mary

Sierra is a shepherd minding her own business.

Sierra looks to the sky.

Sierra and Zoe sing
Sierra sings.

Sierra did such a good job on the Manga Christmas. We are so proud of her. She nailed her lines and got a big laugh out one line. It was a real boost for her.