Thursday, September 27, 2007

How I learn

One of the things I am learning in doctoral studies is how I learn. Here are three examples.

1. I learn by writing. I knew this already, but I am finding that so much becomes clear to me when I write.

2. I learn by conversing. I need others to talk with. In my conversations with people I am affirmed and corrected. Knowledge and insight are created in conversation.

3. I learn by failing in front of other people. This is in no way pleasant, but it sure does motivate. When I fail publicly and then come to awarenes of my failure, I can feel the blood fill the flesh in my face. The humiliation can get so intense that I want to run away and become a ditch digger in Alaska. But then I come to realization that I have borrowed too much money to avoid graduation - and I stand there and take it, red face and all.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I work too much

I knew from the beginning that this semester would be a bear. It's a grizzly as it turns out. I am working very hard, but I am loving it.

Blogging will be sparse, I am sure, through Christmas. However, I will try.

One of the tasks I am completing this semester is called the CRITICAL REVIEW. Basically I am critiquing, in a scholarly way, a patch of literature. It is a daunting and educational task. I have been thinking theories of family, psychology, and communication lately. I bet you've been thinking the same thing.

Of interest at this moment, however, is that HEROES is on. Me time.