Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Oh to see,

Not through dark glass,

But to truly see;

Oh to know,

Not with simple certainty,

But to truly know;

When wheels spin within wheels,

And with a million moving parts -

How can we see?

How can we know?

When shadows hide illusions,

And illusions obscure truth particles –

How can we see?

How can we know?

We walk on webs of ideas

Held together by webs of ideas –

How can we see?

How can we know?

What is wisdom for the juggler,

Tossing up illusions and shadows

Like knives and torches?

Front porch philosophers

And Ivory Tower Theoricians

Are all just jugglers

What do we really see?

What do we really know?

If we cannot have your eyes,

Give us humility instead;

If we cannot have your mind,

Give us courage instead;

If we cannot see what you see;

If we cannot know what you;

Find us where we are and love us;

That we find each other and love each other.

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