Monday, June 04, 2007

Southern Presidents

2000 - current George W. Bush - Texas
1992-2000 Bill Clinton - Arkansas
1988-1992 George H. W. Bush - Texas
1980-1988 Ronald Reagan - California (Not really south, but very much a cowboy)
1976 - 1980 Jimmy Carter - Georgia

Our last non Southern (or cowboy) president was Gerald Ford of Michigan. Prior to Ford, Nixon was in the Oval office. Nixon was from California.

I was born during Nixon, which means I have almost only experienced Southern presidents. That is quite amazing.

Currently running are a handful of southerners as well.

John Edwards - South Carolina
John McCain - Arizon
Mike Huckabee - Arkansas
Hillary Clinton - "New York"
Fred Thompson - Tennessee


Greg Brooks said...

Man, Arizona isn't in the South! That's like saying Minnesota is in the North, you yankee.

Fajita said...


A. To a Minnesotan, Iowa counts as being in the south.

2. There are no Yankees in Minnesota unless they moved here from the northeast.

You mock what you do not understand.

Beaner said...

What would you consider Illinois? (it's where Barak & I live) In the northern half of the state is Chicago, which is very "blue", but travel south a bit & it turns "red" really fast. Are we bi-statecial?

Fajita said...

Chicago is North. Effingham is South. I'd say I-72/74 is the key cutoff. Champaign could go either way.

So, yes, you're bi-stateical.

Keith Brenton said...

Mike who?

mmlace said...