Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Prayer For Peace

Peace out there;
Peace in here;
Oh, there're dreams of peace;
Reaching for what's right;
Clutching it tight;
Firm fist, but empty release;
My soul stutters;
Vile hypocrisy utters;
Re-re-reciting old rules;
Divergent - chasing night,
At the very hint of light;
Stubborn like legions of mules;
Loyal, but poorly tethered;
War-weary and weathered;
Hopedeath masquerades;
Thin-skinned and hollowed;
Too much allowed;
Alternative? quickly fades;
No peace in here;
No peace out there;
Wars of all kinds rage;
Imperial force;
A seductive course;
Has anyone seen the Sage?
This cry for help;
A Barbaric Yawp;
Desperate for Divine attention;
Current to the Falls;
"Hear my last calls!"
"Come disrupt my fool intention."

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