Wednesday, June 30, 2004


I was made to go to court yesterday as a witness. Hated it. I imagine life is like court. You get asked trick questions. You get bullied into positions you don't want to be in. You get cross-examined. Accused, discredited, manipulated, blamed, and on and on. Satan is a tough prosecutor.

However, thank God for a gifted defense attorney, Jesus. No matter how the accusations come, Jesus turns them back around in order to get to his own agenda. He does it every time. The harder Satan presses, the more empowered Jesus is because he uses Satan's energy against him. Amazing.

At the same time, I imagine Hell to be much like life, with all of the accusation, blaming and so on, but with no defense attorney. There is the slick and malevolent prosecutor and you gotta defend yourself. Pack-peck-puck, the charges against you snipe away at your confidence and you realize you've got no defense...because some of them are true, even though most of them are false.

And the thing you can't do for yourself that Jesus can is take your place. Not only is Jesus the defense attorney in life, but he is the judge. Not a bad position to be in whe Jesus is going to bat for you. The judge is likely to side with the defense attorney if they are the same person.

Finally, I imagine Heaven to be the day after court. Relief. Finally, it is over and we won! No more anxiety. No more tight stomach. No more wondering what will hurt me next. All that is over. A victory celebration is the next order of business. What a terrific joy.

I can't wait for that day.

Friday, June 25, 2004

A little escape

I like to escape for a while. When everyone else is asleep, I can escape into my own little world. Thinking, pondering, drinking diet Dr. Pepper...the good things in life. I think it helps me get to the real thoughts in my mind. You know, the things that go beyond automatic pilot. I get to have a little unrestricted creativity. And I like it.

I am grateful for a little escape.