Thursday, July 04, 2013

Rain Dances

Frantic plips pulse and fade
In confident puddles 
That will mud
That will crack
That will forget 
But not today

Insistent streams surge and swell 
In search of rest
That will irrigate
That will stagnate
That will evaporate
But not today 

Immersive rains quench and quell
In expectant thirsters
That will run
That will sweat
That will thirst again
But not today

Happy 4th of July

The emergence of the United States of America is a multi-faceted and complex social anomaly in history that has accumulated great power based on the vulnerable premise that there is no guarantee of self perpetuation. How America began could also be its own demise and because of this potential, there must be humility and generosity and the flight from tyranny at all costs. Accumulation of great powerr while maintaining an intentional flight from tyranny is perhaps the most challenging call to any social institution and at the same time is the only way to sustain it. Power, in its very best use, is leveraged for the benefit of as many as possible, not as few as possible. So long as America leverages its power for the benefit of the many and not the few, there is a bright future for this nation.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The nostalgic future of clock museums

Time lost track of me
Oh the blissful abduction of flow

Time flew by
And went looking for me
But I was here all along
Very here
So here
Extraordinarily here
More here 
Than time would have ever allowed

Hidden in plain sight
Cloaked in laughter
Covered in friendship
Clouded in love

Time tried to hunt me down
But I was too happy to be found 
And eternity went deep
Outside the radar
And free

And when time finally found me
It couldn't contain 
Memories pushed back
On the intended occupation 
For memories of the past
Pushed right through me
And became anticipation 

Time failed
Time jailed 
Time wailed

And I...
I remembered the future