Thursday, June 14, 2007

Let's See Where This Get Me

Dear St. Paul Police Department,

I am writing regarding a parking ticket that was recently issued to me. I want to contest this ticket.

The citation number is 807055367.

I received this ticket for parking on Como Avenue next to the State Fair Grounds in what was very recently a fully legal parking area. I have parked in this same spot literally hundreds of times.

Only when I received the ticket did I come to know that the place that had been parking ever since I can remember was re-designated as "no parking." There were no warnings or indicators that I was aware of that could have informed me of the change besides the minute changes to the signs that have always been there.

There have always been “No Parking” signs on Como Avenue in that area, but there was small print that said, “during State Fair.” The new signs look exactly like the old signs with the deletion of three words from the very small print.

In my history of parking there for hundreds of times, I have not taken the time to read the small print on the signs every day to make sure that they had not changed. And yet, that is exactly what I would have had to do in order to know that there was a change.

I am not opposed to the change and I understand that at the curve in the road at that point there probably should not be parking. However, I would like to have received a warning ticket rather than a citation charging me a fee.

So, it is my humble request that my citation be relabeled a warning and the fee be waived.


Chris Gonzalez


Dusty Rush said...

I can't speak for the police department. But on behalf of the Rush family, I forgive you. Just don't let it happen again.

Fajita said...

Thank you for taking my "confession."

I feel better.

MDAMAN said...

I can represent you in this matter.

I'd just charge a flat fee of $300!

Fajita said...

Hmmmm, that's a bit steep, but I tihnk I can get student loans to cover it. I know you'd get me out of it.