Thursday, June 14, 2007

***UPDATE***McLaren on the Post-Falwell religio-political scene in America


More on the post-Falwell religious right at the Washington Post.


post is here from Out of Ur, but this quote stood out to me.

I hope is that people who are in the Republican Party who are followers of Jesus would use every bit of their energy and power to help the Republican Party reflect more and more the values of Jesus. And that Democrats who follow Jesus would do everything in their power to help the Democratic party do the same thing more and more. Now in that way, you are actually more aligned, you’re a stronger ally, with your fellow Christian in another party than you are with the people in the same party who have no higher allegiance than their partisan agenda.

I figure anything that anyone or any group does in line with the mission of God is good. When we resort to labels, we necessarily bypass the quality of the person or group and attach meaning to them that either does not exist or is inaccurate.

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