Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Open Letter To Cancer

An Open Letter To Cancer

(Not so) Dear Cancer,

Let’s cut to the chase and dispense with any trite and meaningless pleasantries. I am not going to sugar coat this or pretend to play nice. I hate you. We all hate you. You are an unwelcomed intruder and are invited to leave immediately. Your invasion into the body of my friend is an absolute affront to her and everyone who loves her – an army numbering in the thousands. 

We’re on to you. We know what you’re up to. Your invisible presence is now out in the open. The spot light is on you and will be on you until you are gone. We know that your goal is to take the strength, energy, health and ultimately the life of everyone you touch. You take health. You take money. You take security. You take hope. You’re nothing but a selfish, wicked, insatiable black hole of life draining evil. There is nothing good in you.

Your mission is evil and we will fight you with everything we’ve got. We will find every medicine available in this day and age to crush you. We will use any surgical procedure to cut you out. We will marshal the warriors of Heaven to storm the gates of the Hell you seek into impose. With unrelenting prayer and merciless prayer we will petition the Almighty God of the Universe for your complete annihilation.

We are not discouraged; we are energized. You wanted to crush our faith; it just increased. You wanted to instill fear; we just became more courageous. You wanted to tamp us down; we’re just getting started.

You think you’re a serious diagnosis? Diagnose this:
·         There are more of us than there are of you
·         God is on our side
·         You are alone in your mission - friendless
·         You’re trending downward in your victories
·         Your “best days” are way behind you
·         Even when you win, you lose (New Heaven; New Earth – what have you got?)
·         Anything you can do will be countered the Redemption of all things, so….

We didn’t want this war, but since war is thrust upon us, we will fight you with everything we’ve got. You’re going to wish you hadn’t started this.


The Band of Friends