Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thurthy Pointo

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Is truth collection of select content, a process, a direction, a way, a level of beauty, a potential?


Truth cannot be confined by a single context, a single process, or anything else. Truth is able to assert itself in whatever way it chooses. Truth can assert itself with a wave of beauty that is overwhelming. Truth can emerge in science that cannot be countered. Truth can show up in following a way.

Most important: truth is not subject to its choice of emergence. Each is a tool for truth and not the other way around. truth can be found in science, but just because something is science does not make its findings truth. Truth can use art to show it self, but not all art is truth.

We must learn that truth can appear at any time in any place. We must know that truth is a mystery and wait, and hope, and expect that it will find us. We must not be blind to anything as truth shows up in unexpected places.

Too many people, theologies, denominations, systems, and ideologies have selected which ways truth can and cannot appear. How much truth is missed because we have convinced ourselces that truth could not possibly show up "there?"

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