Monday, October 03, 2005

OK God, if that is your real name #1

Let's suppose everything in the Bible is a communication from God about His nature. Let's assume it is all true. Let's even assume we could interpret the Bible with the same meaning God inteneded - in other words, we get it without contamination.

I know, these are some big assumptions. But let's get to the question.

How much of God's totality is revealed in the Bible?

Is God completely revealed in the Bible? Half revealed? One tenth of one percent? What do you think?


Keith Brenton said...

Enough to inspire us to seek out His heart everywhere we can.

Greg Newton said...

How would we know - and what difference would it make?

Fajita said...

I think we wouldn't know the extent, but we should know that there is more to God than the Bible. What I mean here is that if God = Bible, then we are in real trouble. I do not think it to be an "issue of salvation," but rather an issue of "your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."

What is God's perspective on the internet? Would Jesus join a cyberchurch? What would Jesus blog? Megachurch, efficient ecclesiology or self-worship?

Furthermore, we (My tribe and many others) are in desperate need for someone to knock us out of the stupor our persistent Biblotatry has lulled us into for the past few centuries.

This is a super important question. If there is no revelation outside the Bible, who will save us from our Deism?

Neal W. said...

I totally agree...super important question.