Wednesday, October 05, 2005

OK God, if that is your real name #2

This series makes it sound like I am questioning God. I'm not. Now, I'm not against questioning God, but that is not what this series is about. This series is about questioning how we interpret God.

We have spent a long time as a people looking at God through a microscope. We have used the Bible as the thing that goes under the microscope, and called it God. We have analyzed it, disected it, legalized it, scientized it, modernized it, and on and on. We have gotten so good at looking to the Bible as THE SOURCE that we have a heard time thinking about any other sources.

We need to spend more time looking for God through a telescope. We need to explore as much as we have reduced. We need mystery, awe, wonder, and experimetnation. We need to use all sources God made available to us in order to learn more of God, to experience more of God.

It's not about getting rid of the Bible. That would be a terrible thing to do. However, worship of the Bible as if it were God is a terrible thing to do as well.

Restorationsists feel safe with the Bible only and feel like it is too risky to understand God with anything else. But we do risk idolatry, missing God, legalism - in short, our Bible fetish (OK, that was overstated) gets us into league with the first century Pharisees much more than it does the first century Christians. It also leads us away from being 21st century Christians - ah, that's another post.

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David U said...

I have been too busy to comment much lately, but please know that I am enjoying each and everyone of your wonderful posts! Preach on, Bro!