Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Book Blogging

For the past couple of months I have been blogging over on this blog about stepfamilies. I want to let you know that starting Monday, October 10th, and for every Monday after that in 2005, the Successful Stepfamilies Blog will be blogging through one of the best books on stepfamilies that is out on the market. It is called, The Smart Stepfamily.

If you are in a stepfamily, this book is a must. Get it. Then check out the Successful Stepfamilies Blog on Mondays for blogging through this book. Certainly there will be other stepfamily related posts between Mondays, but Mondays are the days we'll be blogging through the book.

Please join us with your readership and especially your comments - and please spread the word about this blog to any people who are in a stepfamily, which is more than you might think right off the top of your head.

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