Wednesday, May 02, 2007

***UPDATE*** I don't want to hear it!!! Eavesdropping on the grandma's club

**************UPDATE - SEE BELOW**********************
I am sitting in Panera Bread Company, my favorite place to write a paper. I am in the corner booth. The grandma's club has occupied some tables to my right.

What you don't want to hear from the grandma's club:

1. Any self-descritpive comments containing the words "my boobs"
2. "I'm overstimulated!" at a near shouting level.
3. Comparisons about bras.
4. Comments about the "day and age of stalkers."
5. All of this interspersed with, "I just love being a grandma."

I gotta get this paper done and get outta here.

6. "I've been fondled enough already today."
7. "Once a day is all you need."

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