Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pagitt: Terrible Non-christian

My friends over at a blog called Slice of Laodicea have determined that Doug Pagitt is not a Christian. Well, they may be right, but if he is not a Christian, he's a pretty lousy one.

Doug Pagitt is a terrible non-Christian. Here are ten reasons why:

10. He keeps baptizing people and then telling anyone who is watching that baptism is like dying with Christ and being resurrected with Christ.

9. He insists on referecning the Bible in religious gatherings.

8. At religious gatherings, he promotes a program that gathers, prepares, and serves food to working poor and homeless people.

7. His frequent praying makes him a poorly disciplined non-Christian.

6. Oh yeah, he's a pastor. Bone-headed career choice for the non-Christian.

5. Constantly seeks how to perpetuate what Jesus started 2000 years ago Very stupid thing for a non-Christian to do.

4. I saw him, with my own eyes, worshipping God with songs that honored Jesus. What a crappy non-Christian.

3. He constantly encourages a local group of people to bless the world as Jesus blessed the world. Why does he do this?

2. He wastes a lot of time writing books that unfortunately a lot of people read. These books inspire people to consider how to treat each other, communicate and express faith, and why there is reason for hope. Abject failure at the non-Christian life.

1. Maybe he doesn't realize this, but he has helped many people who were crushed under the weight of dead religion breathe new life and see Jesus more for who He is and not for what religion has made Him to be.

So, my friends over at Slice who claim Doug is not a Christian might be right, but I know from experience that he is a pretty lousy non-Christan.


Keith Brenton said...

Who gives a flip what Slice of Laodicea thinks about anything or anyone?

Fajita said...

Yeah, I guess I wasted some time reading something there. Like I have time for that.

Steve said...


I thought what you wrote was great.


Todd said...

thanks, Fajita--great post!

Todd said...

thanks, Fajita--great post!