Friday, May 04, 2007

3 of 3

I just finished my third of three papers due this week - a grand total of 51 pages (actually not that bad). Look at the time stamp at the bottom of this post and then you will know what kind of condition I am in right now.

Now to bed. All I have left to do by Tuesday is study for a final, take a final, prepare for my annual academic review, write an application for a grant, code a bunch of transcripts, prepare a team meeting, facilitate a team meeting, assign a months worth of duties for my team, do a needle-in-a-hay-stack literature search, plan my coursework for the next three years, coach my son's first ever baseball game, attend a social function, read 7 articles and summarize them, and be there for my family.

Not a problem. Good night.


jb said...

Man, you sure have it easy!

Here's a little advice: lay off the caffeine. The jittery plus the anxious don't go well together, at least not in me!

Annette said...

Wow - you sure are busy!!!

Annette said...

Wow - you sure are busy!!!