Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You are not poop

Isn't that a relief?

Famous pastor and author and now emerging church critic John MacArthur, calls the emerging church a poopstain on the garments of Christ in his recent book, The Truth War. WOW! That's sounds like something from an emerging church pastor - only the emerging church pastor might say "shitstain."

And, just so you don't think John MacArthur or emerging church pastors are a bunch of potty-mouths, the "poopstain" terminology comes right out of the Bible, in the book of Jude. So, be careful who you're calling a potty-mouth.

Anyway, Tall Skinny Kiwi makes a good and respectful critique of the MacArthur's beef with all things emerging in church.

MacArthur has it right in one sense: there is war for truth. Sadly, my guess is that he does not understand who his friends and enemies are.

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