Thursday, May 17, 2007

Of Captains and Ships (and stowaway scapegoats)

I have read many times in the wake of the whole fake gunmen story that the captain goes down with the ship. That is code for Don Bartch , the assistant principal on the trip, needs to get fired.

I understand the thinking and I agree with the thinking. I agree with the thinking when it is applicable. It applies in situations when the ship must go down. This is not one of those situations.

There is no need for a ship to sink for this situation. Oh sure, people are still all ticked off about the Virginia Tech thing, and they should be. They are mad because they did not get proper justice for the wacko that killed all the people at VT. They are mad because the killer took his own life and there was no sense that justice could be placed upon him. There is a bulging and unrequited hatred pent up in America and lots of people are looking someone to take it out on. Taking it out on Don Bartch because of a poorly reported and highly sensationalized story is just too easy.

The ship does not have to sink. Any psychological damage done, which is minimal and highly exaggerated by the media, will be healed. I was a school teacher and I have seen first hand what happens in schools and seen what (some) teachers do and are not get fired for that cause more damage than this incidnet has caused. Most teachers are terrific, but there are some real pieces of crap out there that hurt children's feeling on a day by day and hour by hour basis, but they keep their jobs. Why? Because they are not pinned down by the media. This situation is with good teachers and an administrator who saw a prank going too far and ended it. They attended to the kid's feelings. They showed their care and concern. Did that get reported?

People who say that the captain needs to go down with his ship in this situation are simply looking for a ship to go down rather than weighing the facts of the story as they are, not as they are reported by the media.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm I was the one that said that the VP was the "captain of the ship" regarding the trip, adults, and children.

As for the "VT thing" as you said it. You are right, there would be less (if any) of an outrage if the "VT thing" had not happened. But it did! Teachers (sadly) are forced to be politicaly correct, and they failed.

A captain that goes down with his ship, and puts everyone before him is considered noble. Rather than a captain that jumps on the first lifeboat available, and saves himself.

That ship was sinking the minute the admin. decided to have a meeting with all the parents the day after the trip.

Do you always twist words around to make them fit your agenda? Sounds like a character flaw you may want to work on.