Monday, May 07, 2007

No More Baby Talk

During get ready time this morning, I knocked on the bathroom door and asked, (Sierra is my 9 year old daughter)

"Sierra, are you in there?"


"Are you going potty?"

"No!" She replied with a tone of voice indicating that I was an idiot for asking such as question.

"I mean, are you going to the bathroom?"

"Yes," with a tone of voice that said, "what else would I be doing in here?"

"Right," I say, "we don't talk baby talk anymore, do we?"

"Uhm, yeah," she said - and I guarantee she rolled her eyes.

So, as my children are growing, I am required to grow and change at a pace that matches their maturity level. For some reason, my vocabulary about what happens in the bathroom has gotten stuck. Yes, sometimes I get stuck and keep treating my kids as though they didn't change or grow in the past year or two.

Any other parents out there find that you are not growing in your parenting as fast as your kids are goriwing as kids?

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Chad said...

I completely understand. Our 8-year old doesn't like to refer to us as mommy or daddy. It's mom and dad now. She doesn't go tee tee or potty either. She goes to the bathroom. However, even when the kids aren't around I have to go potty. My wife laughs at me.