Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

These flowers are for my mother, who is in Palm Springs on much deserved vacation.

I don't remember being born, but I believe the stories that say I was. I am so glad that my mother carried me for nine and half months. I am glad to have been born into my family.

We were not the perfect family. Who could boast such a thing? We were far from the location of perfection, but we always on the pathway to being perfected. My family, even though I never knew it when I was young, was constantly in the process of being reconciled to God. My mother in her way and my father in his way.

My mother, when she came to know Jesus, never looked back. Bold, courageous, and willing to cross the line for her faith, she showed me that when you believe in something, you believe it all the way. When she was not supported in her faith from every direction, she was not deterred.

I learned to finish what I begin, take risks, and not let anyone else determine my beliefs if those beliefs were not honoring of God from my mother.

I am grateful to my mother today.

My mother is a beautiful woman and she deserves flowers.

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