Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hype Spike In Steep Decline

This chart shows the number of blog posts per day about Don Bartch.

It appears that the bloggers have something or someone else to blog about now. I am sure that there will be a blip here and there, but bloggers are all ADD anyway, so this story is so yesterday.

I am glad.

The future of Don Bartch is still in question. Will the school district succomb to the pressures of the media and blog generated firestorm and fire him or will they keep one of their finest administrators? This is something we do not yet know.

Whatever their decision, the school district ought to keep it out of the media as best as they can. I know that is impossible to prevent, but they don't need to go make a big deal out of their decisions and how they came to those decisions either. Going to the media is lose-lose. If they fire him, they are shooting themselves in the foot for a short-lived sense of self-righteous affirmation by the uninformed, but agitated, masses. If they keep him, they will suffer further scrutiny. They need to just go about the business and ignore the media and the blogs (except mine of course) and do what is right.

Let's hope their decision makers have wisdom.

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