Sunday, November 27, 2005

Holiday Fun

I spent Thanksgiving evening and the next day at a water park. At the same time, outside it looked like this picture. I was at America's largest indoor water park. Leave it to Minnesotans to defy nature and not only build an indoor water park, but a ridiculously huge one. You might think, "hey, someone is going to build a bigger one and you can't claim to be the biggest anymore." And right you would be. The Waterpark of America is already under construction - in Minnesota.

Something else happened over the holiday - I realize that my fat found me again. I guess it is time to come clean. My training fell off the table after Katrina - and yes I blame her for everything. So, this is a heads up that another round of 40 Days of Fat is about to be unveiled. Stay tuned.


DJG said...

{they NEED something to do...they live in Minnesota!!}

I may be getting a head start again on the 40 days of fat. Haven't really regained I am just in a rut, gotta jump start the ole losing engine again....

But you know I will join up!

Chad said...

I look forward to another 40 Days. It's extra incentive for my marathon training.