Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Word of God Speak #6: Lectio Devina In Marriage

Lectio Devina is a kind of prayerful meditation of scripture. It means "holy reading." It is more than merely reading scripture; it is letting scripture read you. Here is one description of how it is done:

1. Lectio
The repeated reading of the text until certain words and phrases call for attention. Sometimes footnotes in a good study bible (for example, the Jerusalem Bible) as well as cross references help here. This stage has often been compared to taking in food, as the first “eating” of the word of scripture.
2. Meditatio
The further “chewing” or ruminating on key words and phrases. One stays as long as one is so attracted to a word or phrase. At this stage the heart of the text for the reader should begin to emerge.
3. Oratio
These key words and phrases of the text eventually lead the person to prayer inspired by the text and a growing awareness of God’s presence in Christ by the Spirit. This is the deep tasting of the text.
4. Contemplatio
Eventually the particular words of the text lead the reader beyond words to silent awareness of God’s presence—simply an abiding or communing with God. This is the savoring of the sweetness of the Lord.

Recently, my wife and I tried a version of this together, reading aloud to each other. It was a very good experience. Here is what I liked about it:

1. We read scripture together.
2. We pondered scrtipture together.
3. We learned something new from scripture together.
4. We shared that new learning with each other.
5. A bond was shared on the spiriutal realm.

This was good for us and we will do it again.

I really get stoked about learning a new truth or get exposed to truth in a new way. In fact, this entire series, "Word of God Speak," was inspired by time spent with my wife doing Lectio Devina.

If you are married and you and your spouse are at least in the same ballpark spiritually, I reocmmend it.

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