Sunday, September 04, 2005

Wonderful Woman

I want to tell you about Adelya. She is the director of a home for developmentally disabled adults and for children with various challenges. She got her crew out of New Orleans - clients, staff, and family of staff, family of clients - on rental vans just before the satorm hit. Rental place was destroyed, so, free van rental I guess. She figured this was the usual routine that they do year after year - big threat and little damage. Obviosuly this was not the case. She was not tempted even once to go to the Superdome as she figured it was a bad place for a shelter. Good thinking. There are 60 total people now living in a camp north of Jonesboro.

Adelya is caring for her clients as well as her staff. She has energy and a great spirit and is going to love these people under her care for the long haul. She is also quite tired.

Please pray for Adelya (thanks God for her) and for this group of very special folks at the camp.

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Brandon Scott said...

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