Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hope For The Green Stained Soul

Whether too abundant or too scarce, it matters not,
Money can stain the soul with its toxic green;
For it is the focus on money that impairs the spirit,
And the attention money absorbs that devours love;
Money is a sponge for spiritual power,
And it longs to be a master.

When it is abundant, it longs to rule,
When it is scarce, it longs to rule;
Its intolerance for servanthood ought to inform;
Its addiction for attention ought to give pause.

Money is a tool who longs to be a carpenter;
A part who longs to be a whole,
A narcissist who will not be ignored,
An unfillable emptiness ever expanding,
A promise perpetually broken.

If money could answer questions, America would be wise,
If it's absence could bestow virtue, Africa would be at peace.

Our hope is to find wisdom and virtue outside of the influence of money and then to use money according to that wisdom and virtue and not the other way around.

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DJG said...

very well said....and Amen!