Friday, September 02, 2005

Hello Jonesboro. Good-bye Big Easy.

Several news stories report people who are hurrican Katrina evacuees deciding that they will not return to New Orleans and other devastated places along the coast.

Jonesboro Arkansas, my hometown, is setting up a command center to help evacuees get their social security set up locally, to get housing and healthcare - and Arkansas registration.

Jonesboro mayor, Doug Formon, has already issued an "arms wide open" invitation to evacuess to stay as long as they need, or even relocate to Jonesboro. It would seem like relocation invitation would be premature or perhaps presumptuous, but the fact that severl evacuees have already mentioned that they are not going back, the open invitation is warranted.

The mayor even mentioned that he would like to see local businesses and manufacturers to help supply jobs for the evacuees.

Weiner public schools, just south of Jonesboro, has waived regular admission requirements and has invited school aged evacuees to school.

The Southwest Church of Christ is feeding people dinner and will show a kid-friendly movie tonight in their Better Life (family life) Center. It is possible that this will become a nightly event.

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TCS said...

way to get involved Chris. I know you didn't need the training, but I do know you will bless people's lives.