Tuesday, April 15, 2008


1. Provide a list of the books you’re currently reading.

a) Statistical Methods for Psychology - David Howell
b) Soul Searching - Christian Smith
c) Soul Searching - William Doherty
d) The Ethnographic I - Carolyn Ellis
e) Divergent Realities - Reid & Larson

2. Pick up the nearest book.

Using Multivariate Statistics - Tabachnick & Fidell

3. Open to page 123

4. Find the fifth sentence.

5. Post the next three sentences.

Here we go: "With more IVs than cases, one can fnd a regression solution that completely predicts the DV for each case, but only as an artifiactof the cases-to-IV ratio. Required sample size depends on a number of issues, including desired power, alpha level, number of predictors, and effects sizes. Green (1991) provides a thorough discussion of the issues an dsome procedures to help decide how many cases are necessary. "

6. Tag five more people.

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Phil Wilson


Lonely Dissertator said...

Yours is a little more exciting than mine. You have the same book by two different authors!

Donna said...

Sorry, I have been a little behind in blog world these days. Didn't know I had been "tagged"

I am reading:
1. A Pilgrim Heart- Darryl Tippens
2. Eat this Book- Eugene Peterson
3. Pagan Christianity- Viola & Barna
4. Living Beyond Yourself- Beth Moore

Closest to me is "Eat this Book"

But what had been nticpated as a glorious returnn to teir homeland and a triumphant rebuilding of te te destroyed Solomonic temple had fizzled. On arrival their imaginations were electric with Isaiahs visionary preacing of te exile. "It is too light a thing that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the survivors of Israel: I will give uou as a light to the nations, tat my salvtion may reach to the end of the earth"

Donna said...

can you tell my "h" don't always work on my lap top???