Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fajita's Blog For Sale

This website is worth

What is your website worth?
You could enjoy all of the fame and glory of being the owner of this blog.
If you act RIGHT NOW (Billy Mays voice) this blog could be yours for half price. That's right, only $42,000 and it is all yours.
I am poor doctoral student looking for cash and that is why I can unload this blog for so cheap.
Don't wait too long! There is only 1 blog in stock and it will go the first legitimate buyer.
Potential buyers, please leave a comment indicating your interest.
Restrictions and Warnings: Microsoft, Google, Apple and other majors internet and technology companies are not eligible to purchase Fajita's Blog at the discount rate because you own too much of my life already, but I would welcome a corporate bidding war. This offer is only for the serious fan, friends of mine, faithful readers, faithful lurkers, or blog-stalkers. Cash only, and no bartering. No blog swapping as I cannot pay my bills with blogs. Do not make fun of me for selling my blog or bad things will happen to you. Do not taunt my blog or blogs like it. Blogs can be unstable and explode without warning. Do not try to start your own blog and make it worth more than this blog and then try to sell it to me because I can not afford your blog. The point here is that I get a load of cash from the deal and you get a highly functional and well-established blog.


Lonely Dissertator said...

Oh I think I just saw someone raise a finger to bid... nope, just picking his nose.

Fajita said...

My blog has lost value since posting its worth.

Not good for business.

Keith Brenton said...


This blog is priceless.