Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Harmonies of Beautiful Amnesia

Frozen land's inevitible surrender;
"Snowfrosticeslush - EVACUATE!"
Sun, now insurrmountable;
Relentless warmth;
Knowing smile;
Sun sings, and,
Cold scurries away like guilty bugs.

Hearing Suns-shine,
Seeds, pods, bulbs, and friends
Shuffle and grunt submerged in mudbeds.

"Awake! Arise! Come sing with me!"

Irresistible call; irrestible song.

Struggling, pressing, straining, growing;
Former seeds all aroot and prepared;
Longing to see the Singer.

Waiting ends.

Pressing from beneath;
Breaking the surface;
Daffodil, Tulip, Iris emerge;
Colorizing, harmonizing - a beautiful amnesia;
Grass and Clover - entourage;
Spring choral delights;
Singer smiles.

This poem was written in celebration of my daughter's 10th birthday.

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