Sunday, April 06, 2008

Soggy Soul

There are days when the planets line up and everything goes your way. You know, the kind of days when the wind blows in just the right direction and gives your nose a blessing of fragrant Spring flowers or savory steak sizzling on the neighbor's grill. These days are the days when the sun is shining, you say all the right things, and people can't believe how funny you are. On these days you can eat too much pizza while not gaining any weight and having no acid reflux. Energy is plentiful, the mind thinks with perfect clarity, and if someone were to ask you about solutions to third world poverty, you would give an impressive philosophical, political, and methodological answer which would inspire someone to say, "you should run for office."

I love those days.

Today is not one of them. Not even close. Today I feel soggy, listless, tired, and without much to offer. Don't ask me any questions because no matter what you ask, my answer will probably not make much sense. It is rainy outside and a debilitating grey in every direction. My mind protests any requests for deep thinking or decision making. You know something is not going well when the Kia commercial with the song, "Just Can't Get It Right Today" has a really good ring to it.

I think I have a handle on this thing, though. Rather, I think I know why I am feeling this way. I have the following factors working on me:
1. Post-deadline let down (the presentation went well),
2. 2nd year anniversary of father's death,
3. It's April,
4. Lousy weather,
5. Major paper (exam) coming due in a few weeks,
6. Looming dissertation decisions (lots of ideas and few decisions)
7. Take home statistics test is currently being ignored (but not due until Thursday),
8. Still, it is April,
9. I have tried to find a new pair of jeans and have failed twice in a week. I am not that hard to please. Am I really so oddly shaped?
10. Maybe I am oddly shaped. When I feel so lousy, I notice my weight. I've got a couple dozen pounds I'd like to give that super skinny person who has already completed their statistics exam.

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Lonely Dissertator said...

Soggy is the perfect adjective for today. And sorry is my response. "Sorry, I'm not the Skinny guy who's Super at Statistics." "Sorry you're feeling rather Soggy." If you were on xanga, I'd give you a Soup mini.