Monday, May 26, 2008

Minnehaha Falls

This is Minnehaha Falls. It is located in a huge park inside the Minneapolis city limits. Minnehaha Creek flows from Lake Minnetonka (a Minneapolis suburb) to the Mississippi River, the border of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Now, how many major cities can boast a waterfall of this magnitude within its city limits? This is just the kind of thing that keeps Minnesotans in Minnesota. It is such a great place to be.

The park was packed today. The smell of chicken, hamburger, and bratwurst smoking on the grills filled the air. People gathered around picnic tables, laughing and smiling, glad they were not at work or attending to daily problems. The aroma, enticing, whetted our appetites for our own grilling activites, which were a few hours away.

There is an area below the falls and down the creek a little ways that widens and shallows enough to wade in and play in. This is also the place where there is an annual baptismal service for Solomon's Porch. It is a really cool venue for such an event.
The kids loved the creek and played in it.
Today was a good day. Nature. Family. Play.

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