Monday, December 10, 2007

Today's Assignment

OK, your church has just decided that it will launch an ambitious captial campaign. The goal is to raise 5 million dollars over a three year period. The church leadership has asked you to devise a plan for the best use of the money.

Here are the parameters they have given you:

1. The money cannot be used to build a new church building, build or rent any structure for the church use (No super cool teen center), or remodel the existing building.

2. The money cannot be used for foreign or North American missionaries (in other words, all money must be spent locally)

3. The money cannot be used to fund an existing non-profit or ministry (in other words, start something).

4. The end result must be an enduring impact on the local community (within 20 miles of the local of your building, if you have a building).

5. The money cannot staff more than three full time people, of which one must be an administrative assistant.

6. The plan must be structured such that without the volunteerism from at least 10% of the members of your congregation, the plan would fail.

That's it. I can't wait to hear your plan.

1 comment:

Greg Brooks said...

You move me to comment! I read all your posts, but I never speak up.

Number three trips me up. There are so many good ideas and good people here in town, that I really want to say I'd use that money to help them do more of what God moves them to do. That includes BLCC, of course :-). If not for number three, I'd say that I'd like to expand BLCC and collaborate with City Youth to create a nondenominational Family Ministry, offering counseling, family education, a resource library, after school and summer programming (as City Youth already does), and case management.

By case management I mean connecting families with resources they don't know about, or don't have access to already, or don't think they have access to.

All of this would require massive volunteering.

But, if it has to be something new, it would have to be transitional and permanent housing. We don't have any of that in town.