Thursday, December 06, 2007

Escape From Babel

What if church buildings and denominations were diametrically opposed to God's dream for the world?

What if the hundreds of billions of dollars of financial resources, time, and energy spent on buildings were supposed to go to the poor?

What if the endless emotional and intellectual energy it takes to create and defend the doctrines which define denominations were meant to be spent comforting and healing the broken and grieved?

What would happen if we learned that it was absolutely impossible to please God while using money on buildings and intellect and emotions on that which divides?

What would we do?
What would you do?

How will we ever escape from Babel?


Anonymous said...

The poor would probably multiply several times

paul said...

Do you suggest that they are not?

DJG said...

You have a unique way of stirring me up. Thanks {I think}