Friday, December 14, 2007


I would like to conduct a non scientific blog survey. Please answer the following questions as best as you can.

1. What is feminism?

2. What do you believe about feminism?

If I get anyone engaging with this survey, I will disclose why I am asking such questions and I will give my answers.


Greg Brooks said...

Feminism is the right to make choices. I learned that from the comic strip "Bloom County."

Anonymous said...

Limbaugh said it best--Feminism allows unattractive women a way to access entry into mainstream society.

Fajita said...

OK, we're getting a little traction here. Let's do have some more.

Steve said...

Feminism sought to reevaluate the relations between men and women and put them on an equal basis. At one time it was OK for a man to beat his wife with a stick as long as the stick was no bigger around than his thumb. Everyone now agrees that is wrong. Modern feminist uncovered some inequalities like that. Now, pretty much everyone agrees a woman should be paid the same as a man for the same work and she shouldn't have to be subject to her husband as a dictator, a woman is not an object etc. As with any movement some Feminists had some far out ideas and Rush Limbaugh found out that by exaggerating and distorting the movement, he could make millions of dollars. I resent him for it. He must really know women, having been married four times. The prominent feminists of the sixties have aged or died or faded away. I am not even sure if there is a feminist movement anymore or what a person who identifies as a feminist thinks about things.

Anonymous said...

Rush has been married three times.

Steve said...

I stand corrected. Rush has been married only three times. I was wrong.