Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mission Dei In The Crisis of Christianity: A Book Review

Fred Peatross has written a book. Actually, he has written a few books. But the book I want to point you toward is Missio Dei In The Crisis of Christianity.

This is a good book and worth a read for a lot of reasons, but I want to share two of these reasons with you.

1. The book is short. Why is a short book a good book? Well for one, it is digestable for just about any reader. There is good theology in it, but not daunting theology. Books bogged down too much in theology come across as more interested in you reading the book than in doing anything with what is being said in the book.
Peatross has integrity. You get the feeling Fred is more interested in you going out and doing mission than spending tons of time reading the book.
2. The Church Has Left The Building. Peatross gives us the clear message that church is leaving the building. The interesting thing is that while the church is leaving the building, it is not leaving God. This book taps into the current ecclesial zeitgeist of the church shedding its institutional skin for freer and more adventurous way.
There are a bunch more goodies in Missio Dei. Go get it.

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