Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Bithrday, America

Happy Birthday, America.
Thanks for the freedom you have generously given me.
Thanks for the cool holidays like the 4 th of July where I get to watch colorful explosions.
Thanks for prosperity.
Thanks for the opportunity to get an education.
Thanks for plenty of food and clean drinking water.
Thanks for freedom of religion and freedom of speech.
Thanks that you have said "All men are created equal."
Thanks for trying to live up to that ideal (and including women in that ideal).
Thanks for a culture that presses toward innovation.
Thanks for the optimism.
Thanks for democracy and giving people a voice.
Thanks for setting up mechanisms of change self-critique.
America, you are not perfect, but you have done some wonderful things. So, today I honor your 231st birthday with respect and celebration.
America, please continue to make every effort to move toward greatness in generosity, compassion, and courage.

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