Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Bowl Dilemma

I have a code of loyalty that goes as follows:


So, being a Minnesota Vikings fan (which takes a lot of courage to admit these days) I have got to go for the Bears in the Super Bowl.

However, I really like the Colts. I like Peyton Manning. The only pro game I have actually seen live at the stadium was the Colts in Indy.

Do I go with my gut or stay true to the code?


TCS said...

aw come on, your a rule breaker. Go with the Colts.

MDAMAN said...

As a Vikings fan myself I don't understand "which takes a lot of courage to admit these days."

It has always taken a lot of courage to admit you're a Vikings fan!

Because I'm a Vikings fan I can't root for the Bears EVER IN ANY GAME WHATSOEVER. Even if it's the game to save the world from destruction I'd have to root against them.

But that's just me.