Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union

Although the speech is good, no mention of Jack Bauer. When is Bush going to learn there is only one way to deal with terrorists?

20% reduction in oil consumption. Whew, good luck. Does America have the will to decrease oil consumption? It would be a Hurculean effort to simply not increase demand. But to decrease? Whew. He's going to have to convince people to use turkey poop to heat their homes.

Iran needs a spanking.

Can we have a Korean pen-inch-you-la free from nuclear weapons?

Imagine using the 13 billion dollars in earmarks for fighting AIDS. Nice.

Three qarters of a million people are getting treated for AIDS that were not 3 years ago.

Let's fight malaria. Good one. More 3rd world debt relief. Yeah Bono.

Blue tie. He's given in to Democratic control. What a uniter.

Mutombo has a great smile and laugh. Great heart. He built a hospital. God has given him much and he has not disappointed.

Cripes, he's twice as tall as Laura.

Baby Einstein creator hooks up with John Walsh in a social entreprenuership for the protection of children.

Wow, Bush is on a roll. Cool stories. Wesley Autry blows kisses and points better than Sammy Sosa.

Another story? Wow. War hero. Human shiled lives to tell about it. Bush is telling stories like Clinton did. Stories are good.

"God bless"

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