Monday, January 15, 2007

Good friends are better than Powerball

Well, I didn't win the Powerball. The multistate jackpot was up to $155,000,000. No one else won it either, making it $180,000,000. I might buy me me another ticket. Hey, it's my birthday Tuesday, so I can indulge in a little frivolity, can I not?

But I won't win again. I know that I won't. Powerball is a cruel master. A liar, for the most part. What Powerball does to almost everyone who gets tangled into its web is allow for magical thinking. What would I do with 180 million dollars? Yeah right. Like that is really a provision. Bow down and worship the mightly Powerball. Maybe it will relent and allow you to have some cash - but don't hold your breath.

Instead of wasting time thinking about what the Powerball (or whatever lotto, magic bullet, relationship, material gain, you might place your ever precious hope in), let's invest some spiritual energy into what God has already done.

Powerball can't:
Love me
Make snow fall on pine trees and stick so perfectly
Listen to me
Make the sunrise
Forgive me
Lead me in wisdom
Soothe my tears
Laugh with me
Tell me a joke
Foward lame, but endearing, e-mails
Change the color of leaves
Give life meaning or purpose

Please, add to the list

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