Friday, January 26, 2007

2 Why are you so good?

This question is part of of an apparent series that is developing.

Going back to the first post in this series, I pondered the idea, "What if God decided that everyone gets a free pass to Heaven?"

OK, based on that premise, everyone gets a free pass to Heaven, what would the purpose be of morality? If everyone goes to heaven, what is the function of right and wrong? Do right and wrong even exist if there is no Hell to be afraid of entering?

I want to hear your answers. I believe the purpose and function of morality doesn't change much, but I really want to hear your ideas about it.


Winsome.One said...

Is it possible for a different scenario to be entertained: that hell is still there, but that when the Day comes, it remains empty, by His grace?

If we can think this way, then it may possible to have right and wrong and still have everyone go to heaven.

Child rearing tells me that unless boundaries of what is acceptable or unacceptable are communicated and enforced, children will not do well. The key comparison here is "enforced."

Just thinking out loud.

Bev said...

I kind of think along the lines of, do we sin that grace may abound? No. Also, we show our faith by our works (including morality.) So even though we can do something, doesn't mean we should. Morality is a fulfilment of treating others as we would want to be treated. Immorality is a function of selfishness. It is what I want with no regard for God or others. The love God calls us to have is self-less. So regardless of getting a free pass, we should want to show our love for God by showing our love for others. Wish it always felt that easy.

Fajita said...

You both have some great comments. Thanks for adding to the conversation.

I kind of think that Hell is there for people who really don't like God. I mean, you have got to really reject God to get there. And by this I do not mean reject bad ideas of God that some "Christian" groups provide for the world. I mean the God that transcends the ideas people ahve concocted.

I do not believe Hell's main purpose is to coerce people into a certain moral code. Oh, it's used (abused) that way constantly, but that is not what it is for, methinks.