Friday, April 01, 2005

Post Restoration Hope #15: She Blinded Me With Science

I just watched a movie called, "What The Bleep Do We Know?" It was the topic of discussion for a book club I am in (which has turned into a movie club).

In short, it is movie/documentary/agenda-drive work seeking to blend science and spirituality. There are many PhD's and MD's (and Ramtha the wacko New Age something or other) talking about quantam physics and the fascinating possibilities it proposes for understanding our reality, God, and the spiritual life.

Now, the science, at least from what I can understand, much of the science was legit (some was crap), but the conclusions were clearly a flying leap into New Age spirituality.

I swallowed the science, but came to very different conclusions on the spiritual aspect of the movie. The mysteries quantum physics offers lead me deeper into the hope realm of seeking to understand how humans are made in God's image. "The breathe of life" means something a little different to me now than it did before watching the movie.

Here's what I want to know: Where are the Christian scientists? All I ever hear from Christian scientists is some kind of proof that the earth is 10,000 or fewer years old. What's to be gained from this arguement which is now in its 6th decade (obviously longer than that, but, you know)?

I want to hear intelligent Christian people speak intelligently about quantam physics. Maybe I am not swimming in the right stream, but this stuff is fascintating and I think the Christian world is missing out something huge by focussing on stupid creation tricks and fighting evolution when they could be helping to inform cutting edge science.

I have hope for Christian scientists to speak a word about God's wonders. I want to hear Christian scientists enter the mystery instead of extinguishing it. I want to hear the thought-provoking questions of Christian scientists, not the boring and contrived answers.

I wonder, if Christian scientists and Christian poets were to talk, what would that conversation be like? If Christian scientists were to voice their questions, would they sound like poets?


David U said...

We need more Don England types in this world! Great post!


Steve said...

Quantum physics and also special and general relativity are areas of science that clearly violate our common sense notions of reality. Those pecky little photons frustrate our eithor-or expectations for them, seemingly knowing what games, one slit or two slits, we use to try and force them to act as we expect. But they won't. Physicists and philosophers haven't made much progress in understanding it. But many advances are resulting from putting it to work and wrestling with its implications. Quantum nature will continue to provide us with ever more powerful technologies with which to heal, travel, communicate, and blog. Evolutionary theory and biology and medical science descending from it will continue to help us understand our environment, heal the sick, solve mysteries and save the innocent. The kingdom of God is spread upon the earth and men do not see it.