Monday, December 06, 2004

What if...

What if there were no church buildings? Boom, they all vanish in an instant! Gone!

What would happen to the church? I bet people would find a way to be together.

Better yet (better?), what would happen if all churches sold their assets - everything - and began renting only as needed?

300,000 churches times $250,000 in assets is what?

75 billion. I am certain to have underestimated this amount. I don't know how many churches there are or what they own.

How many poor could be served with that kind of money? How many houses built? How many missionaries sent? How many churches planted? How many ______________? Yeah, you get the point.

For 300 years, the church did pretty well without buildings. Since buildings were introduced, the money of the church has been absorbed into them far more than money has gone to help the poor.

I'm not a militant anti-church building guy, but looking at the numbers (whatever they really are) is almost obscene.

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