Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Mad as a Wet Hen

"Mad as a wet hen." My mother's terminology to describe someone's anger who was crazy mad. So mad, in fact, that there was no telling what that person would do any more than predicting the next move of hen who had been doused with a large abundance of water. Not that I could ever figure out what a dry hen was going to do next, but I think that the point was a wet hen was not merely unpredictable, but potentially violent.

Frankly, my experience with wet cats deserves a mention here. I remember trying to put my cat in the toilet as a kid. I tried it once. That cuddly, cute, purring, little sweet thing turned on me with an unmatchable viciousness.

Most people think cats don't like water because of how it makes them feel. Frankly, I believe it has to do with how it makes them look. Have you ever seen a totally drenched cat? I dare you to find something more pathetic. The vanity of cats will drive them to violence in order to avoid too much water.

Well, today, I am mad as a wet hen (cat). It's a long story and I won't get into it, but the main point is that I have been done wrong and will be "handcuffed" by the powers that be for a while. Grrr!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, if you are trying to guess why I am mad, just stop. You won't figure it out. I will give you this: It is not in any way family related, house related and I still work at my same job.

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