Thursday, December 02, 2004

Dallas Willard Bends My Mind Straight

I am plodding, and I mean really plodding through "The Divine Conspiracy," by Dallas Willard.

The church (more pointedly, me) in large measure practices the gospel of sin management. It seems that no matter which direction I try to take myself, I am merely managing sin rather see, I can't even finish the sentence. Churches are structures set up seemingly to create systems by which sin (or consequences thereof) are managed.

Is this what we are called to in the Christian life? Is this a life of abundance - manage sin until we die? Good grief. No wonder so many people take a peek at the church, shrug, and walk away (disappear out the back door, church hop, or turn bitter against it).

I want a way of life that is free, pure, healthy, and good. I want to be transformed into something better than I am, not just appear better becasue I have acces to some really slick spiritual cosmetics.

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