Friday, March 18, 2011

If There Were No Hell…

Would Heaven be any less Heaven?

Would you change your moral character?

Would God be any less just? Any more just?

Would you lose your faith in God? Consider having faith in God?

Would you be disappointed in God if someone got Heaven that you believed deserved Hell?

Would you lose your desire to make the world a better place?

Would you increase your desire to make this world a better place?

Would you lose your evangelistic leverage?

Would you be motivated differently to do good things?

Would it be a relief? A threat?

Would you have different conversations about God, spirituality, Christianity, and faith?

Would you have to answer to someone who believed there was a Hell?

Would it confuse you?

Would it clear some things up?

Would it take away your point?

Would it give you a point?

Would you find friends where you once found enemies?

Would you find enemies where you once found friends?

Would you have to hide it from your grandparents?

Would you have to change churches?

Would you be any less saved?

Would you be any more saved?

Would there be a down side?

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Gem said...

Is this in response to the Rob Bell book kerfuffle?

Fajita said...

it got me thinking about it

Fajita said...

it got me thinking about it