Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Can live Without Her


A lot of people seem to have a techno-crush on the Ipad2. I have to say, she is cute, really cute. I like that she’ll look me in the eye with face time…and that I can see myself in her eyes. Bonus. I like that she is so connected – internet everywhere in the world pretty much. Nice. She is one fine item. But I am not interested in her.

You see, I am already in a relationship – with a PC. It’s a good relationship. My PC does not walk the red carpet and isn’t famous. There were not big announcements about her arrival. In fact, no one really notices her. That’s Ok. The reason I am with her is that I am in love. I don’t think I need face time and I don’t think I need all that connectivity. I also don’t need to start a hot new relationship that is only 6-12 months away from being in trouble. Some people like living from one soon to be obsolete relationship to the next, but I am not one of them.

So, Steve Jobs, thanks for the all the work you did to make her pretty, but I am going to let her walk right on by and not give a second glance. I can live without her.

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