Saturday, January 12, 2008

Walkin' For Wyatt


Click here for an article in the local paper about Wyatt. It is a little dated, but can fill in the story of Wyatt. He is now in 2nd grade


If you met Wyatt, my cousin's son, you would like him. Wyatt would make you smile. He is a wonderful and adorable boy. He and my son, Canaan, are in the same class at their elementary school and are good friends. Wyatt works really hard does good work. That is enough for anyone to get some credit.

But what about when someone spends everyday wrestling with autism? What kind of credit does that deserve? When someone wrestles with challenges on a daily basis and makes success, we call it heroic. Wyatt is just that - heroic. Heroic children kind of make you want to support their cause, and their lives. It kind of makes you want to throw youself into their success.

Well Wyatt is interested in helping other kids with autism. He is inviting as many people as possible to join him in his effort.

Well, here is my chance to support this little, big-hearted hero and I hope it is yours chance as well.

The following e-mail I received from my cousin explains how you can support Wyatt's heroic efforts:

I just wanted to ask if any of you would like to sponsor Wyatt and our family in the Autism Society Steps for Hope Walk. We are trying to raise money for the Autism Society of Minnesota. We have been truly blessed with how much Wyatt has accomplished and will accomplish. We want to extend those chances to as many kids as possible. One in every 150 kids born today will be diagnosed with autism. We know the hopeless feeling that accompanies that diagnosis. Through our efforts, we want to make these families know they do not walk alone.

Donate Here. Also, look to the right sidebar with Wyatt's fundraising progress. Let's help Wyatt help lots of children with autism.

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