Saturday, January 12, 2008

Family Time

My wonderful wife told me that I should do family blog posts like my brother-in-law does. So I guess that makes Brandon much cooler than I am. This post is an attempt to increase my coolness with my wife.
Here's a rare shot of a Minnesota Polar Bear. I can't believe I actually got a chance to get a picture like this. This is so rare and I got it!!!
Ok, I confess, this is the Polar Bear at the Como Park Zoo.
Sierra and Canaan at the Como Park Conservatory. It is a terrific escape from winter - if you think winter is something that needs some escaping from.

All of us drinking warm beverages just before the Holidazzle Christmas Parade on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis.

Canaan and Sierra at "The Nutcracker" at the downtown Minneapolis Macy's. Think magical walk-thru story book and you almost get how super cool this annual Christmas tradition is.

Canaan wears a beat poet turtle neck and sips punch at his 2nd grade "Poetry and Punch."

Sierra sang in a Christmas choir at school.

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